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The Booking Process:

I do not waste my time with drunks, disrespectful boys, dirty talk or nonsense. I will ask for information, and if I am willing to book you I will let you know what the schedule is.


I do not haggle over my fee for my time.  I do not haggle over my limits.  I won't haggle over your limits either. I am a Dominatrix with experience and my time is valuable, my limits are just that-limits.

HARD LIMITS:  These are things I do not do, period.

No sex, no touching me ever, no blood play, no scat or golden showers, not medical play, NOTHING ILLEGAL EVER. 

When contacting a BDSM and kink specialist, there are certain dos and don’ts that make the whole experience far more pleasant for all involved.  While the kinds of people I accept as clients are generally already aware of how to behave like respectful gentlemen or obedient slaves, there are none-the-less a few tips and pointers you may not have thought of.  Please read the below in full.


DO read my website before contacting me to get an idea of the kinds of sessions I offer and the philosophy I operate from.

DO  call rather than text unless otherwise specified.

DO NOT call outside my working hours Mon-Fri 10:30am-5pm.

DO communicate honestly about what it is you are truly hoping to experience.  While I am not a factory line and I do not take orders about how to run my sessions, I am very interested to know exactly how you are wired and what your expectations, hopes and desires are.   I will then design a session in our natural area of overlap with this information in mind.  It is far more satisfying for both of us if I have the information I need to create interesting experiences.

DO confirm or cancel your appointment at the allocated time.  Each of my sessions takes up to 2 hours to prepare for.  Some longer if certain things are involved.  When you book with me I set an allocated time for you to confirm or cancel by on the day of the session.  Is is vital that you respect this.   I need to prepare the space, equipment, mind-space and my own appearance according to the intent behind the session.   If you do not confirm at the allocated time, I do not bother to get ready.   It is also, extremely inconvenient if you make a booking and then do not bother to cancel as someone else could have had that time slot.  Have the courtesy to let me know you need to cancel well ahead of time.

DO NOT arrive early.  I will not be ready.

DO NOT speak to me as though I am merely a set of physical characteristics for your sexual gratification.  While my appearance is part of the package of what I offer, it is just that, only part of the whole point of what I offer.  If you treat me like I am only a set of physical attributes and do not demonstrate respect for me as a whole human being, then you simply will not be granted a session.

DO communicate any health concerns you have so I can take the necessary precautions to carry you safely as possible through our journey together.   If you have heart disease, are on any blood thinning medications, have epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, back or knee problems, wear contacts,  mental health issues or any other health concerns I need to know about it. 

DO consent to risk aware play.  Each session will be discussed in-depth before we begin.  This gives us both a chance to set our boundaries and make risk aware decision as consenting adults.  Understand that while there is inherently a risk in every kind of  BDSM encounter, I need you to communicate in order to minimise those risks.  By consenting to a session with me, you are agreeing to take full responsibility  to communicate if anything is wrong and use your safe word if necessary. You are also agreeing to communicate anything I need to know to keep you and myself safe during our time together including, but not limited to, mental health issues .  You are agreeing to consciously take self-responsibility for your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being.  You are also taking full responsibility for any risks or harm that occurs in a play session with me and agree not to take legal action.

Don’t ever argue or try to negotiate with my boundaries. My website strictly says thatI don't do something, don’t call  and ask anyway. You are not an exception to MY rules! Begging or negotiating boundaries is pathetic and will not get you anywhere!



If you are so broke or cheap and you can’t afford to tribute your domme, but still decide to approach her with some question in the lines of “Can I be your personal slave?” or “How may I serve you (Without actually paying you for it)?”  Be prepared for not so pleasant response, if you even get rewarded with one… If a prodomme needs a personal slave or someone to serve her for free, chances are she already has not just one, but a few of those. The lesson to learn here is, don’t be cheap, because the services and the company of a professional dominatrix aren’t!! If you can’t afford it at the moment, wait, save and then contact…

There are better alternatives then asking a pro to do her job for free. Here are some useful tips on what you can do instead of bugging your local dommes for free stuff:

  • Become active in your local BDSM community. Explore fetish parties, events and BDSM classes
  • Have a talk with your partner and see if they are interested in exploring some BDSM activities with you.
  • Find a partner that is open to BDSM



Never contact a dominatrix and give them a SHOPPING LIST of things you want in your session, then offer a very low rate.  This just pisses her off and you may not even get a return email.  Imagine if you went to a restaurant and wanted to order $300 worth of food and wine then you explain to your waiter you only have $50.  Obviously, that would never work and you and I both know you would never ever try something like that, so don’t assume that will work with your prodomme.  Haggling or negotiating over her prices is a huge RED flag, most dommes will see it as a sign of major disrespect and that you are probably not someone she wants as a client.  If a domme is offering any discounts or multiple services, she will let you know. You asking for it may get you in big trouble. But then, maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for…

CAN I…..

Just STOP right now!  If you are about to ask any question related to any sexual activity, better just assume that the answer is no. Most professional dommes have very strict rules about engaging in any sort of sexual activity or nudity on their part. This is also one of the main things listed on their personal website.

Asking a dominatrix for sex is probably the rudest, most disrespectful thing to do! That means you assume they are an escort, and oh man are you wrong!!! ProDommes are NOT escorts!  Just because you saw some porno online where the dominatrix had sex with her submissive, does not mean that is going to EVER happen in real life, so never ask or assume.  There are plenty of escorts who offer some sort of fetish related services and even some who specialize in combining sex with femdom, contact them if you are seeking that.


You’ve passed the initial contact with your domme, you were lucky enough to set up your first appointment, good for you!!! Nothing can go wrong anymore.

Not so fast! We all know that sometimes life happens, and plans get interfered with. The day of your appointment you get stuck in a meeting/traffic or you simply get nervous and petrified. That’s ok. Get ahold of your domme as soon as possible and let her know of your circumstances.

Be respectful, apologize, especially if you are about to cancel.  If you had to cancel, one of the best way to make up for a cancelled session is to send a gift to your domme. Visit her website, check out her wishlist, send an email gift certificate or simply send a gift of cash via PayPal. Any of those will put you back on the good side and will buy you mercy. 


Don’t be late and always show up on time!  If you are going through a high traffic area, take that into account and leave early.  I do understand that accidents and other unforeseen acts of nature do happen, which is fine, however what is not fine is not to call your domme who is sitting, waiting and thinking you flaked! Most dominatrices schedule sessions back to back, if you show up late don’t expect to get your full session, and do expect to be charged for a full session price. 


Never show up early…ever!  Discretion is a big part of this business and to show up early is just plain rude.  Understand, that I may be in a session with another client, or maybe I am still getting ready.   If for some reason you happen to be early ALWAYS contact  first, and request if I can see you earlier.  Sometimes it is not an issue, or even preferable, but always ask first.


TAKE A SHOWER!!! We realize that this may sound too obvious to even mention, but I want to stress the importance of your hygiene. All dommes take very great care of themselves and always make sure they are at their best when in session with a client and they expect the same in return.


When seeing your Domme don’t ever ask for personal information such as

  • “Are you married?”
  • “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Or probably the most hated question:

  • “What else do you do?”