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About Me

Professional Disciplinarian 

Mistress Lana Kaine I offer traditional spanking services to those in need of strict discipline. I consider myself to be a natural spanker. I don’t do glitz or staged scenes that are pase' - just good old fashioned discipline. Boots,dresses, and beautiful coats are as far as wardrobe goes and a no non sense business suit. I always have My hair up or in a pony tail.


For me nothing could be more natural than a naughty bare bottom over my knee and I have yet to find anything that compares to the immense satisfaction I get from spanking.

My services range from OTK maintenance to severe thrashings.  In addition to discipline, I offer creative punishment, role play, and other fetishes.  My favorite implement is my hand followed by the hairbrush as well as using paddles, canes, and belt strapping, depending on the level of intensity your bottom might require.

I truly love, and specialize in, role play for those who enjoy Mommy/Baby, Teacher/Student,scenarios.

I adore the feel of thigh high stockings and leather boots, high heels. Nothing makes me feel more sensual and in control. 

I have so many different styles of boots for you to worship.  You may clean them, lick, suck and polish them.

 I am fascinated by all styles of boots and wear them all the time.  Nothing exhilarates me more than when I feel a tongue running the length of my boots.

I offer prolonged and traditional over the knee hand spanking, and foot fetishes,stockings fetishes, high heels,and boot worship.

Sessions are all held in a domestic setting.

I do NOT have a dungeon, whipping benches, St Andrew’s crosses, bondage equipment, or other paraphernalia associated with the leather or rubber clad dominatrix. I am a DISCIPLINARIAN. 

I wear normal clothes that I both feel and look comfortable in. I DECIDE what will be appropriate for the session. My wardrobe selcetion goes by My mood.

If that is not to your liking, and you are seeking a heavier leather selection outside of boots. I do not want you to be disappointed and can recommend other professionals in the area.

You must also understand that I am NOT a switch so do not let this cross your mind. Don't try to Top from the bottom.

Some Dos and Don’ts

I insist all tributes in an plain envelope or a card at the beginning of each session, to be set down and not mentioned. VERY SIMPLE.............

I expect you to keep your word and be ON TIME. If it happens that you are running few minutes behind due to traffic, please, just pull over and call me and let me know.

An application via email is important stating your level of experience, your likes, your dislikes and anything else that may be relevant.

Please keep your email simple – there is no need to drone on and write pages of stories.

Finally, appreciate that “no-shows” are a particularly large irritant so I will NOT have any future session with anyone who has previously been a no show, without letting me know.

NO EXCEPTIONS. If you must cancel, please have the good manners to make a call or send an email at least an hour before your appointment and we will go from there.

Do feel free to bring a bottle of red wine on a first time meeting, We will spend at least a half hour talking on a first meet, So I can know about You, limitations, any possible health implacations that I need to know about. I find a half a glass of wine while We discuss things helps to break the ice and to alleviate the pressure.

Since it is a domestic setting I do have pets, so if you have allergy's take that into consideration.

No scat, golden showers, blood play, don't ask.

Mistress Lana Kaine
St Petersburg, FL
5' 7"
135 lbs