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Gifts are never expected, that’s what makes them gifts! But if you want to instantly put Mistres Lana in a fabulous mood, you may use this style guide to get an idea of her tastes.

Mistress loves nothing better than the feel of new shoes and clothes, Chanpagne or fine red wine. For these and other favourites see below. Mistress only deserves the best.

Expensive is often good, but what’s more important is to find something that pleases Me. However, I know that many of you feel nervous about finding the right gift to please your Mistress if you are seeing Me for the first time.

So here are some ideas…

Always include the gift receipt in case the sizing or color need to be adjusted. If you can’t afford a gift, then a bouquet of flowers, or well-written card always makes a nice statement.  The items below are hand-picked

Favourite Perfume:


Lheure Bleu Perfume by Guerlain

Dolce & Gabbana

Guerian Mitsouko

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Love Chloe by Chloe

Hypnose Perfume by Lancome


Flowers : Roses any color, Orchids, Spring and Fall bouquets from any grocer.......

Chocolates : Schakold Chocolate Factory 401 central ave in St.Pete

Favorite Beverages:

Champagne, Crystal, Louis Roederer,Dom Perignon,

Good Red, Cabernet or Pinot Noir, Blackstone, Francis Ford Coppala,

Potensac a leading Cru Bourgeois Estate

Tanqueray and Tonics, don't forget the lime

NO white wine please.

Clothes Lingerie, boots, 

Stockings and holdup at…

Boots & Shoes from : – Foot size 7

Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret

Heavy Red Couture Gift Certificates

The Violet Vixen My Wish List Violet Vixen

Toys : Ask me what’s an appropriate present over the phone is always an option

Buy my personal items…

Online Giftcards...


The following brands also allow you to send Giftcards directly to My email address lanakaine@aolcom. Click to be taken to their giftcard options.